MonoTracer MTE-150 Review by Financial Times

FT_MonoTracer_MTE-150  050

Click the above image to watch the full MonoTracer MTE-150 review by the Financial Times.

Financial Times Producer Rohit Jaggi recently visited the MonoTracer Peraves skunkworks in Switzerland and took the all electric zero emissions 200hp MonoTracer MTE-150 for a spin through the rainy Zurich countryside.  Throughout his drive he stayed warm and dry thanks to the enclosed safety cabin (made of DuPont™ Kevlar®) all while enjoying and experiencing the thrill of MonoTracering.  Rohit makes a very important observation regarding promising congestion reduction if commuters would take to narrow track cabin motorcycles.  Thanks to the extremely low aerodynamic drag design of the MonoTracer, the all electric MTE-150 version eliminates range concerns while traction battery recharging is very quick with its onboard 20kW AC Propulsion reductive charger.  It is by far the world’s most energy efficient high performance vehicle.  Watch the expertly produced 4 1/2 minute MonoTracer MTE-150 video review on by clicking here or on the above image and see the solutions for a sustainable mobility future.

Click here for Rohit’s 2 page article “Leading the Charge”.

Financial Times’ MonoTracer Slideshow available here.

The Financial Times also just reposted their full MTE-150 video (previously just a 1 minute teaser) on YouTube viewable below.

Leading the Charge – MonoTracer MTE-150 Review by Financial Times

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[Source:  Financial Times]

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MonoTracer Transporter

Peraves' new AlexsandraMobile - A Citroën MonoTracer Transporter for delivery and service pickups.

Peraves’ new AlexsandraMobile – A Citroën MonoTracer Transporter for delivery and service pickups.

Behold Peraves’ new Citroën MonoTracer Transporter for delivery and service pickups for European based MonoTracer customers.  The transporter ensures completely enclosed protection of your MonoTracer to and from Peraves maintenance facilities with a friendly Alexsandra smile.

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2013 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar

2013 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar - Cover

2013 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar – Cover

Peraves CEO Roger Riedener assembled another beautiful MonoTracer calendar for the 2013 model year with some of the best photos from the past few years of MonoTracering adventures.  Photographers include Friedemann Lätsch, Dan Lexa, Roger Riedener, Stefano Paris, Markus Jann, Roland Briel, Michaela Moser, and Alain Brideson/Designwerk. I’ve parsed the calendar into JPEGs viewable below.  Click the jump if you’re viewing this from the main blog feed to see each JPEG individually. A low resolution (3.1Mb) PDF version of the 2013 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar is available by clicking here.

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Back to the Future with Dalniks and EcoMobiles

Many who see a MonoTracer for their first time have asked “Are you from the Future?”   One instagram photo captured by lilcflo has a caption which reads: “Welcome to the future folks!!” Another instagram by popstar_mini exclaims: “I don’t mean to alarm you, but George Jetson is on the 5 Southbound Freeway.”  In reality the concept of the cabin motorcycle is almost a century old.  One of the first cabin motorcycles debuted in the 1920s and was called the Monotrace.  The Monotrace was a cabriolet and was manufactured in France in the 1920s under licence from the original German manufacturer, EinspurAuto. ‘Einspur’ means ‘SingleTrack’ in German, and ‘Monotrace’ means the same in French.

In the 1930s a group of cabin motorcycles began to appear in eastern Europe called Dalniks – a sensible hybrid of an automobile and motorcycle.  The idea was to do more with less.  A half-sized car with only 2 main wheels was more affordable, used less materials to build, and was more efficient and thrifty on precious fuel.  All of these traits were important before and after WWII. 

The 1920s Monotrace.

The 1920s Monotrace.

Jan Anderlé's Dalniks from the 1940s.

Jan Anderlé’s Dalniks from the 1940s.

The recognized “father” of the Dalniks was Jan Anderlé, a brilliant Czech aeronautical engineer.  He began designing and building cabin motorcycles in the 1930s.  His innovative outrigger wheel system kept the vehicle upright when stopped.  Below is a brief “silent video” of Jan Anderlé’s 1941 Dalnik (with soundtrack added).  Jan demonstrates the controls, the outrigger stability system, starts the engine, goes for a drive showing how it cruised quickly and effortlessly, picking up his wife for a date at the end.

1941 Dálník by Jan Anderlé

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AutoEsporte TV Reviews the MonoTracer MTI-1200

The Future: MonoTracer MTI-1200 at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

At the end of August 2012 I spent a Saturday with a film crew from the Brazilian AutoEsporte TV show piloting and shooting the MonoTracer MTI-1200 all around Southern California.  I met up with the producer Tiago, host Diego, and cameraman Alcides in the morning in Anaheim.  From there we traveled via freeway to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for some beauty shots.  We then headed to Griffith Park for some green scenery.  Finally we drove out to Santa Monica and up PCH towards Malibu for some ocean and beach shots.  Here is the edited AutoEsporte MonoTracer MTI-1200 video review that aired last Sunday in Brazil.

MonoTracer mistura moto, carro e avião e é destaque do filme “O vingador do futuro”.

Translation: MonoTracer is a mixture of motorcycle, car, and plane and is featured in the 2012 movie “Total Recall”.

MonoTracer MTI-1200 Review by AutoEsporte TV

Anytime you’re out with a MonoTracer everyone becomes a paparazzi and photographs the vehicle with their cellphone.  I ran across this very sweet Instagram photo of the MonoTracer banking left on to South Grand Avenue in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall taken by Michelle Kim.  You can watch this maneuver and her snapping the photo if you look closely in the AutoEsporte MonoTracer MTI-1200 video segment above.

2012.08.25 – MonoTracer MTI-1200 banking left on to South Grand Avenue in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Instagram photo by Michelle Kim.

MonoTracer MTI-1200 parked beachside along PCH close to Malibu, California.

Instagram collage of photo snaps from the AutoEsporte video by Enio Pedrozo.

Slideshow of additional photos from the MonoTracer MTI-1200 film shoot:

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[Source:  AutoEsporte TV]

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The MonoTracer is the TRON ENCOM 786 Light Cycle

MonoTracer = Real World TRON ENCOM 786 Light Cycle.

MonoTracer = Real World TRON ENCOM 786 Light Cycle.

For those of us that grew up in the 1980s and remember watching the original 1982 movie TRON and forever dreamed about piloting our own light cycles like Kevin Flynn, the MonoTracer is surely the ultimate real world emodiment of the fantastic TRON ENCOM 786.  This summer Disney XD started airing a new cartoon series entitled TRON Uprising (click here for the TRON Uprising 2011 Comic-Con Preview Trailer).  It features Mara, a light cycle mechanic, voiced by the forever beautiful and talented Mandy Moore.  In this short clip from the 2nd episode “The Renegade, Part 1”, the vintage Kevin Flynn designed ENCOM 786 2nd generation light cycle is revealed to a stunned yet appreciative Mara.  This is the TRON light cycle of her dreams. “It is one of a kind.  Every component designed for speed!”

ENCOM 786 Light Cycle Reveal #1 – TRON Uprising

Here is a 2nd clip from the same episode with more universal admiration for the ENCOM 786 light cycle.

ENCOM 786 Light Cycle Reveal #2 – TRON Uprising

In this interview with Mandy Moore, she discusses her voice over work on TRON Uprising as the light cycle mechanic Mara.  At 1min 48sec Mandy lets us know that she would like a light cycle.  If there was any way we could advance enough so that we could all scoot around on light cycles, she would be down for that.  Maybe we can interest Mandy for a ride in the all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 as it truly is the ultimate TRON light cycle experience.  It even sounds like a TRON light cycle at full acceleration!

Mandy Moore Interview – TRON: Uprising (Disney XD)

In this short clip from the 4th Episode of TRON Uprising, “Blackout”, Zed unveils his 30% faster “green light cycle” with overdrive.  We’ve always known that green is the fastest! To get your fill of light cycles in action watch TRON Uprising on Disney XD.

Green Light Cycle (the fastest) – TRON Uprising


[Source: TRON UprisingTRON Uprising 2011 Comic-Con Preview Trailer, TRON 1982]

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Third MonoTracer Training of 2012

2012.08.24 – Trainees,Trainers, and Trainulators at the Third MonoTracer Training of 2012 in Tuggen, Switzerland.

Last week Peraves held the third MonoTracer training of 2012 again in Tuggen, Switzerland.  10 newbies attended along with Ruedi Steck and Michael Kutschke.  Ruedi Steck of Swiss Performance is a Bonneville world speed record holder and will be piloting the X-PRIZE winning all electric X-Tracer7009 to 200mph in spring 2013 at the Nardò Ring high speed test track in Italy (recently purchased by Porsche).  Michael Kutschke is chief editor of Töff Magazine and will be covering the whole Nardo story.

2012.08.24 – MonoTracer Trainulators at the Third MonoTracer Training of 2012 in Tuggen, Switzerland.

2012.08.24 – MonoTracer Trainulators at the Third MonoTracer Training of 2012 in Tuggen, Switzerland.

Swiss magazine Blick was present and took photos and video of Ruedi’s MonoTracer training which can be viewed on their website:

• Ruedi Stecks erste Fahrt im MonoTracer (German)

• Ruedi Steck’s first ride in the MonoTracer (Google Translated to English)

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The fourth and final MonoTracer Training day for 2012 will be held on Friday, October 12th in Tuggen, Switzerland.  Contact Peraves if you would like to attend.


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