MonoTracer Space Oddity

2012-18 Motorrad Magazine – Space Oddity – MonoTracer MTI-1200 – Page 1

2012-18 Motorrad Magazine – Space Oddity – MonoTracer MTI-1200 – Page 2

Motorrad journalist Stefan Kaschel reviews the experience of piloting and living with a MonoTracer MTI-1200 in the 2012-18th issue of Motorrad magazine in this article entitled “Space Oddity”.

It’s all about David Bowie‘s song…did he know of the MonoTracer or was he drugged when he wrote the 1969 song “Space Oddity“?  The truth is: whoever rides through rural parts of Germany in this capsule feels like he’s in a spaceship.  Alone, far away from home, in a far away galaxy…ground control to Major Tom…

There is a nice emotional side to this story, and we’ve never had people coming into the shop the day after an article was published before.  Well, yesterday, three people stumbled into Peraves Headquarters and wanted to see the MonoTracer space capsule for themselves…

Click here to download the “Space Oddity” article in PDF.

2012-18 Motorrad Magazine – Space Oddity – MonoTracer MTI-1200 – Page 3

2012-18 Motorrad Magazine – Space Oddity – MonoTracer MTI-1200 – Page 4

2012-18 Motorrad Magazine – Space Oddity – MonoTracer MTI-1200 – Page 5

2012-18 Motorrad Magazine – Space Oddity – MonoTracer MTI-1200 – Page 6

Here is the original music video for David Bowie’s song Space Oddity from Bowie’s promotional film, “Love You Till Tuesday”, originally released in 1969 and re-released on DVD.

David Bowie – Space Oddity Original Music Video (1969)

[Source:  Motorrad Magazine]

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MonoTracer goes Hollywood in Total Recall 2012

Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) touching the side glazing of the Police MonoTracer in Total Recall 2012 to enable a “FaceTime” video call with her boss Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston). MonoTracer pilot and owner Justin Clarke plays a Police Officer extra with helmet in the right of this scene.

Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) makes a MonoTracer MTI-1200 side glazing enabled "FaceTime" hand embedded cellular video call with her boss Cohaagen.

Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) makes a MonoTracer MTI-1200 side glazing enabled “FaceTime” hand embedded cellular video call with her boss Cohaagen.

The always futuristic MonoTracer enjoys its first big screen debut in Len Wiseman‘s new action packed Total Recall 2012 starring Colin Farell and the talented & gorgeous superstar actresses Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.  This film is a remake of Paul Verhoeven‘s original 1990’s Total Recall (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone) but with its own variations on the plot, setting, and technologies.  Visit the Total Recall 2012 movie website and go see the movie while it is still playing in the theaters!

I had the opportunity to see the film in AMC ETX splendor last night and counted five MonoTracer sightings.  Three of them are at the start of the movie with the last 2 towards the end and closing scene.  MonoTracer pilot and owner Justin Clarke provided his own new MonoTracer MTI-1200 and days of support over a few weeks of shooting up in Canada last August 2011.  Justin also plays an extra in the film suited up as one of the police officers (see photo above).  His MonoTracer was stickered up as a futuristic Police vehicle.  You can see a glimpse of the MonoTracer with Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) enabling a “FaceTime” video call with her boss Cohaagen on the side glazing via the touch of her hand embedded cellular phone at minute 2:06 of in the Total Recall 2012 Trailer #2.

Total Recall 2012 Official Trailer #2 (HD)

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The last time a Peraves Cabin Motorcycle debuted on the big screen was 21 years ago in Wim Wenders‘ 1991 action film Until the End of the World with a couple of EcoMobiles outfitted in Police trim.  Click here for the official Until the End of the World website.  Click here for the Until the End of the World wiki entry.  The Until the End of the World trailer is below (Police Ecos not shown).

Until the End of the World 1991 Official Trailer

Below are two photos scanned from the 8th issue of Einspur-Zeitung, a “Single-Track Newspaper” published by Peraves AG back in February 1991.  The photos were captioned with the following:  The pictures show ECO’s No. 5007 and 5010 in action for the French Police.  Actually the scene runs in 1999, it’s in the shooting of the Wim-Wenders-movie “Until the End of the World” and by looking at the pictures carefully one recognizes the “policemen” Wolfgang WALTL, ECO-importer for Austria, and Jan HIRSCH, manager of the ECOMOBILE GmbH Germany, controlling star actor William HURT.

Police EcoMobiles from the 1991 film “Until the End of the World”.

Police EcoMobiles from the 1991 film “Until the End of the World”.

[Source:, Peraves AG]

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MonoTracer Training Days 2012

2012.04.27 MonoTracer Training in Tuggen, Switzerland.

Last month on Friday, April 27th MonoTracer of Switzerland held the first of four scheduled training days for the 2012 year.  The training was held at a dedicated motor vehicle training facility in Tuggen, Switzerland about 30 miles south of Zurich.

The MonoTracer training classes are limited to 8 students with at least 4 available instructors and begins with 1 hour of classroom theory explaining the physics and dynamics of piloting a MonoTracer.  At least 4 training MonoTracers (2 gas-powered and 2 electric-powered) are provided along with a BMW C1 which is used to verify the student understands the all important concept of countersteering prior to transitioning to the MonoTracer.  The training MonoTracers are all outfitted with temporary yellow training axles to protect the vehicle from falling over beyond 20 degrees.

The goals of the MonoTracer training are:

1.  Safe slow speed handling of the cabin motorcycle.
2.  Safe operation of the bionic legs (aka outriggers or stabilizers).
3.  Safe braking with the integral ABS system.
4.  Theories of countersteering for non-believers.
5.  Technical class for vehicle maintenance.

The focus is on “the Upper Half of the Motorcycle” and it is highly recommended one read/study Bernt Spiegel’s Motorcycling bible The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On the Unity of Rider and Machine.  Expect lots of turning-your-head-before-the-vehicle-turns, ride-where-you-look-and-not-look-where-you-ride, think-far-ahead-and-look-far-ahead, don’t-brake-with-your-jaws-and-your-teeth-but-with-the-brake-pedals/levers, and of course, don’t-forget-to-breath.  Oh, and there may even be a little yoga and a little ZEN… 😉  At a minimum you’ll leave the training with a better appreciation and knowledge of motorcycle riding.

The one day-course costs 200 Euros per person and starts at 8:30 AM sharp, ending at 5 PM. The dates for the MonoTracer Driver Training Courses are:

April 27th, 2012
June 29th, 2012
August 24th, 2012
October 12th, 2012

If you are interested in attending any of these Driver Training events, and are from North America, please contact Jim Lorimer at or 804-513-2054.  If you are from Europe, contact Roger Riedener at

Enjoy the video below by Mediafusion of the April 27th, 2012 MonoTracer Training in Tuggen, Switzerland.

Part13: MonoTracer Riding School Impressions

Are you an experienced motorcyclist or a pilot? Are you thinking about buying a MonoTracer? Then take the chance to have a close look at our high performance cabin motorcycle. It’ll be the most awesome experience of your life. Arrive the evening before or first thing in the morning. Start at 8:30am sharp. Cost: EUR 200,– plus hotel, food & lodging. Four instructors will show you how to ride a MonoTracer. Your first lesson will be in an all-electric MTE-150. After you’ve made some progress, we’ll show you how to ride and shift the BMW powered MTI-1200. Interested? You must have a full motorcycle licence and ideally, plenty of experience of riding heavy and powerful motorcycles.

Individual driver training is available every Monday by appointment only in Winterthur, Switzerland for EUR 500 per day.

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[Recommended study:  Bernt Spiegel’s – The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On the Unity of Rider and Machine]

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2012 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar

2012 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar – Cover

Peraves CEO Roger Riedener has assembled yet another gorgeous MonoTracer calendar for the 2012 model year with some of the best photos from last year’s MonoTracering adventures.  Many of the excellent photos were taken by expert photojournalist Markus Jahn.  A low resolution (2.7Mb) PDF version of the 2012 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar is available by clicking here.  I’ve parsed the calendar into JPEGs viewable below.  Click the jump if you’re viewing this from the main blog feed to see each JPEG individually.

January 2012 MonoTracer of Switzerland Calendar – Roger and Stefano formation MonoTracering in the Bohemian forest.

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New MonoTracer MTE-150 Piloting Tutorial Videos

New All Electric MonoTracer MTE-150 Piloting Tutorial Videos.

Peraves CEO and MonoTracer Jedi Master Roger Riedener continues his MonoTracer Academy series on the new all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 with the additional four tutorial videos.  He begins with the very basics of how to get in and out of a MonoTracer (Video #9).  Video #10 covers the all important MonoTracer operating controls with emphasis on the eternally respected switch for the retracts (bionic legs, stabilizers, landing gear, etc…).  Roger also notes the MonoTracer is a seatbelt equipped Safety Motorcycle and helmets are not worn.  Video #11 demonstrates just how slow one can drive a MonoTracer.  Video #12 combines all 3 lessons with a ride into the city to visit Roger’s favorite Thai restaurant.  The MonoTracer is a very elegant vehicle and we want to pilot it in a very elegant way (with the stabilizers retracted).  Study these videos and you’re well on your way to becoming a future MonoTracering pilot!

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 9: Getting In and Out

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 10: Handling

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 11: Slow Driving

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 12: City Ride

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All Electric MonoTracer MTE-150 Brochure

MonoTracer MTE-150 brochure cover page.

Here is the recently completed official MonoTracer MTE-150 brochure for the USA.  The stylish brochure was elegantly designed by Alain Brideson of Swiss based Design-Werk. Click on each brochure image below to zoom in or download the PDF version.

Click here to download a PDF version of the all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 brochure USA edition – (5.6Mb).

Top Speed:  150 mph.  Power load at top speed is less than 60kW (40%)
Acceleration:  0-62 mph in less than 5 sec. at 370V
Energy Consumption @ 75 mph:  8kW
Vehicle Range:  180 miles @ 75 mph (20kWhr of useable battery capacity)
Charging time to replenish 16kWh:  min. 220V 16A (3.3kW) = 5 hours
max. 250V 80A (20kW) = 50 minutes
Body:  Kevlar® by DuPont aramid composite monocoque
Dimensions:  L=12.1ft, W=3.9ft (with retracts 4.4ft), H=4.9ft
Weight:  1210lbs empty
Electric Drivetrain:  AC Propulsion Gen3 150kW (200hp) induction motor
100A DC/DC converter from a 411.6V lithium-polymer traction battery
Front Wheel Setup:  Marzocchi 50mm USD fork, Öhlins steering damper and double radial Brembo 4-pot calipers on twin 320mm discs.
Rear Wheel Setup:  ABS brake system combined with electric re-gen braking up to 60kW. Separate rear hydraulic brakes and fully adjustable Öhlins shocks.

The MonoTracer-E is also equipped with leather interior, 4.6 cubic ft. luggage compartment, Oxygen iPhone-Radio, ventilation system and heaters.
Options available:  Bi-Xenon headlights, Air-Conditioning, special colors & leathers, and customizing.

Base price ex factory excl. VAT:  US $104,320.00

USA Sales:  MonoTracerUSA
Official North American Agency for the MonoTracer®

“It’s like flying a meter from the ground.”

Unrivalled Efficiency – Winner of the 2010 Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE.
Proving Grounds in the Swiss Alps. 

Handcrafted like a Swiss Watch and Proven for 30 Years.
Peraves AG is the only company in the world that has dedicated the last 30 years entirely to the fully enclosed safety cabin motorcycle.  The company has built 140 customer vehicles which have safely covered 6 million miles in 25 years.

100% Electric High Performance!

MonoTracer MTE-150 Specifications.

MonoTracer MTE-150 brochure back.

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Take a Spin in the New MonoTracer MTE-150 (Video)

New all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 taking a spin in the Swiss countryside.

Here is the first part of the riding series with the new all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 piloted by MTE-150 inventor and Peraves CEO Roger Riedener.  It was filmed in the beautiful Swiss countryside last week after all the snow and ice melted.  Watch how the TRONtastic electric Monotracer gracefully navigates the winding roads with zero emissions, a futuristic hushed electric whine, with plenty of excess available power and range.  There is no other vehicle that provides as much fun, luxury, performance, efficiency, and convenience rolled into one with the safety provided by the reinforced DuPont Kevlar monocoque chassis.  Enjoy the video with more to follow in the near future.

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 8: Spin

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