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ZeroTracer in Mexico

Tobias Wülser and Frank Loaker of Team ZeroTracer recently completed their Mexico leg of the ZERO Race.  Tobias released another one of his fabulous video edits of what it’s like to ZeroTrace through Mexico.  Be sure to see the girl on … Continue reading

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Merry MonoTracer Christmas

Santa Snoopies and Woodstock wishing you a very Merry 2010 Christmas and Holidays from their very fast and fun MonoTracer sleigh.

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BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County

Good or even great customer service at an automobile or motorcycle dealership isn’t always easy to come by these days from some recent experiences.  In October when the MonoTracer E had first arrived in California I needed to dynamically balance … Continue reading

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MonoTracer Factory

Here are a couple of photos from within the Peraves MonoTracer Skunkworks in Winterthur, Switzerland of various MonoTracers undergoing assembly.  What is really exciting to see are two new pre-production MonoTracer-E vehicles, the two yellow ones with full carbon fiber … Continue reading

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Green MonoTracer Glamour

A few photos of the glamourous green MonoTracer with the new MonoTracer moniker.

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