Cycle World MonoTracer Review

2011.07.13 - MonoTracer e150 and MonoTracer i1200 at Brno Circuit.

Peraves CEO Roger Riedener invited Cycle World‘s motorcycling journalist Steve Anderson to join us for an incredible 4 days of MonoTracering fun at the 21st Annual MonoTracer Driver Training at the Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic during the 2nd week of July 2011.  Steven rode out to Brno, CZ from Switzerland (~600mi) in a MonoTracer caravan on Monday, July 10th, 2011 with Roger and longtime cabin motorcycle advocate and journalist Paul Blezard.  Paul was Steven’s primary wingman throughout the week mentoring Steven in the wonderful world of high performance cabin motorcycles along with words of wisdom from many other veteran EcoMobile and MonoTracer pilots.  Steven is a longtime expert motorcyclist but this was his first time experiencing the motorcycling luxury, comfort, and safety provided by the DuPont™ Kevlar® monocoque fully enclosed MonoTracers.  He also had the privilege of running several hot laps of the Brno Circuit while piloting the 2010 X-PRIZE winning all electric MonoTracer e150 with its awesome power, gobs of torque, and fantastic smoothness.

2011.07.13 - Moto Journalists Steve Anderson and Paul Blezard taking the X-PRIZE winning MonoTracer e150 for some hot laps of the Brno Circuit.

Steven wrote a stellar review of what it is like to MonoTracer for the November 2011 issue of Cycle World.  Click here for a PDF version of the MonoTracer Cycle World article (1.6Mb) or below for individual JPEGs of each page and read for yourself all the fantastic quotes.  Steven eloquently captures the technical, the excitement, and the exoticness of the MonoTracer experience.

Cycle World November 2011 - MonoTracer (p48-49)

Cycle World November 2011 - MonoTracer (p50-51)

Cycle World November 2011 - MonoTracer (p52)

Cycle World November 2011 - MonoTracer (p1)









2011.07.13 - Moto Journalists Paul Blezard (BMW S1000RR) and Steven Anderson (MonoTracer i1200)

2011.07.13 - Ferrari Rosso Corsa MonoTracer on the edge of pit lane at Brno Circuit.

[Source:  Cycle World, MonoTracer Article PDF (1.6Mb)]

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