The Automotive X PRIZE competition continues…

The X-Tracer Team arrived on Friday, July 16th for the Finals Stage.  We picked up both E-Tracers on Saturday at National Cycle.  On Sunday we drove to Michigan International Speedway (MIS) and checked in.  Vehicle technical inspections were held Monday morning.  We passed but had to change some almost worn out tires and complete the Data Acquisition System Integration on both vehicles with the help of Hal Glenn and our electrical engineer who accompanies us on this round.  Tuesday we received the all important “Passed Tech Inspection” stickers.  On Wednesday we’ll be competing in the City and Urban cycle efficiency event. Thursday’s schedule includes the Highway cycle efficiency event with Friday reserved for the Range event.  Friday is also Public Day hopefully followed by a relaxing weekend.  -Felix

Finals Stage Team X-Tracer - Stefan Tschannen, Roger Riedner, Felix Wagner

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1 Response to The Automotive X PRIZE competition continues…

  1. Tom and Kathy Mohn says:

    Go, Roger and Felix! It appears only the two E Tracers and the Edison #95 remain in Alternative Tandem as of Friday July 23 evening. Great job!

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