Cleaning up the Workshop

After half a year of making a mess building the ET’s, it was pretty quiet at Peraves “skunk works” today.  The R&D workspaces have been cleaned up to make room for new stuff that will be tested this year in the production MonoTracer works mules. The Superball-Engine has been waiting for further development, too.  It’s the perfect engine for a Range Extender.  The Peraves Range Extender, short PRX, will be the answer to the car engineers dreams.  Its ultra compact size, lightweight and complete absence of vibrations will allow the designers large freedom in terms of packaging, the future magic word in hybrid-car-design…

And just before closing the shop, the new demonstrator for our german distributor, Gerold Hellwig, has arrived from the factory in Brno/CZ.  The guys have done a fantastic job once again, and the MonoTracer looks ultra sharp in the new Audi R8 Spyder color, teak brown opaque metallic with carbon sideblades. I wish it was mine…

About Peraves

Manufacturer of the E-Tracer® & MonoTracer®
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